Sterling silver eagle animal spirit pendant, accented with a ruby gemstone. Eagle (head and neck) is set within an open, stylized circle with the ruby set along the side (eagle and circle are sterling). Wear your spirit animal's energy so you have it everywhere you go! Pendant only - necklace chain not included.
Information about eagle and its lessons is printed on the back of the pendant card and is included with the purchase of the pendant.
Spirit Animal Pendant/Eagle Ruby

Spirit Animal Pendant/Eagle Ruby

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Powerful Eagle Spirit Animal Pendant, accented by a ruby gemstone. Wear your spirit animal on your chest and carry its energy everywhere you go! Eagle is associated with Spirit and the Divine. Its feathers are considered to be sacred healing tools. Eagle embodies higher mind and wisdom (all per the Medicine Cards). Ruby brings energy and balance, but "could overstimulate a delicate or irritable person" (Judy Hall). It brings passion and enthusiasm for life, increases motivation, stimulates the heart chakra, brings positive dreams, leadership and encourages the release of anything negative in your way. For more information on crystals and gemstones or spirit animal energies, check out our book section and oracle card section for the Medicine Cards and Judy Halls Crystal Bible series - they amazing!

Pendant Only, necklace chain not included

***Please note: because each gemstone is unique in color and constitution, there may slight variations and there may be natural inclusions in the stones.  This is normal and natural.  Also be aware that we cannot account for differences in color based on each computer monitor, phone screen, etc. ♥