Lavender Lotus Gifts is a labor of love that has taken it's time in coming, but is well worth the wait.  Many years ago I owned a brick and mortar metaphysical gift and book store and loved it so much that I wanted to do it again, but the times and the world right now changed...almost demanded...that my idea transform from owning another brick and mortar to owning an online store. And here she is and I am thankful to be able to offer you these wonderful gifts and books from the heart and soul ♥

I tend toward offering gifts that are handmade by artisans and fair trade (artisans receive fair wages for their beautiful and creative work).  Not all of my products fit into this category, but I strive to offer a large number of them.  All of my Christmas ornaments, the largest line of jewelry and the wonderful sacred art sculptures are all handmade.  And many lines of products are also fair trade. 

I also use ecofriendly packaging - including my jewelry boxes, shipping boxes and box fill.  My logo stickers and almost all other stickers are made from recycled materials and are recyclable.  My packaging envelopes are also recyclable or compostable.  It is extremely important to me to have "green" packaging and to have a minimal impact/footprint on Mother Earth. So, sometimes the packaging may not be beautiful, but ultimately and most importantly it will help the planet!  Please note, any one time use bubble wrap or box fill that you see in my packaging was packaging I received from others - manufacturers or personal packages I have received - and I am re-purposing it so it won't go right into the landfill.  I ask and hope that you will reuse, recycle or re-purpose any of the packaging you receive from me.  Thank you! 

I welcome any questions or comments you have.  Please always feel free to contact me (Linda Wolf) at lavenderlotusgifts@gmail.com or 760-230-5558.  I will always respond as quickly as I can.  Love and healing to all ♥