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Workshop Ticket - You Are Not Alone: Meeting Your Angels & Spirit Guides

Workshop Ticket - You Are Not Alone: Meeting Your Angels & Spirit Guides

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You Are Not Alone: Meeting Your Angels and Spirit Guides

Have you been wanting to know
*Who exactly are my spirit guides & angels?
*How to communicate with them?
*How do I work with them in my daily life?
*How to receive messages from them?
*What types of guides & angels are out there?
*How to connect & feel close with them?
*What their names are?

In this exciting 5 hour workshop (in-person/live) you will learn all of this and so much more, as well as participating in a guided meditation to meet one of your own guides or angels. I will also introduce each person to at least one other spiritual ally as I connect with my guides and angels (and yours) through table tipping, an amazing, fun and profound process.

Learning to connect and work with your angels and spirit guides is important because it shows you that you are never alone and that you are being watched over, cared for and loved always, even if you don’t feel it or see it. They are there now, and always will be – supporting, caring, loving, assisting! 

DATE:   Saturday October 21
TIME:   10:00-3:30 (1/2 hour lunch)
COST:    $75 (early bird) thru Oct 14/$80 (Oct 15-Oct 21)
VENUE:  Lavender Lotus Center/Encinitas, CA

****You will receive an email one week before the workshop with details and the                     address. If you do not receive it, please contact me (& check your spam folder) ♥