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Workshop Tickets: Living Your Bucket List

Workshop Tickets: Living Your Bucket List

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It really is time to LIVE your bucket list. Don’t wait ‘til you are too exhausted, too ill, or it’s too late in life. Now is your life – now is the time to live it, doing the things you have stored away for a later date, that you are too busy to do, that you plan to do when you retire, that you’re waiting to do when you are older, that you don’t have the money for. There is no promise of tomorrow. Not to be doomsday, but to be more ‘live in the moment’, live your life today. The bucket list is traditionally a list we keep hidden away, that doesn’t become dire until we feel like we will pass away soon, then we retrieve the list, dust it off and feel like we have to run and do all these wonderful things at once and by then we may not feel able to.

Let me help you to manifest your bucket list while you are still living. I will teach you how to manifest and attract who and what you need to begin to check the items off the list before you retire. You will learn how to have a mind-set and heart-set that will help you to manifest your desires now. This is not to say that every single thing will just happen tomorrow, that’s not how manifestation always works, although it can. I will teach you principles and tips for manifesting and you will experience a release process, a guided meditation, discussion and more, with likeminded people in a nurturing, fun and supportive environment. Register now for your seat!

DATE:    Saturday August 17, 2024
TIME:     10:00am-4:00pm
COST:    $68 early bird reg (thru 8/11)/$75 Standard reg. (8/12 – 8-17)
VENUE:  Lavender Lotus Center/Encinitas, CA)