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Workshop Ticket: Vision Boarding With A Twist

Workshop Ticket: Vision Boarding With A Twist

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This is vision boarding like you have never seen! Whatever is hidden or subconscious and important will arise as you go through this process. This is a new and profound vision boarding experience, so I will teach you how to create one this way and share my own experience of it with you. You will be with like-minded peeps who will be learning, working, and creating alongside you, making it even more special. This is a full day workshop:

Part I: Learn about abundance & manifestation principles. You will also experience a release process for whatever may be blocking your ability to manifest, a guided meditation and more. I will teach you how to do this new kind of vision board with tips on how to best create your board to get results!

Part II: Creating the vision board given the manifestation principles learned and your inner guidance and intuition, along with that of your angels & spirit guides.

DATE:    Saturday May 25, 2024
TIME:     10:00am-6:00pm (30-45 minute lunch)
VENUE:  Lavender Lotus Center (Encinitas, CA)
COST:    $87 early bird price (thru May 19th)/$95 standard price (May 20-May 25)

This is going to be a unique, amazing and fun experience! Don’t hesitate, register now by
clicking the link in the bio and choosing the “Events” tab. You will be so glad you did. I SO look forward to seeing you there!