Workshop Ticket: Creating Sacred Space

Workshop Ticket: Creating Sacred Space

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Online workshop. Many people ask me about creating sacred space and I help many clients with this as well. Creating a spiritual or sacred space isn’t rocket science, but maybe you have never created a sacred space before or perhaps you want to bring some fresh ideas and energy to your sacred space. There are no real rules, but many ways you can create this space in your home or your room.

I will share many different ways and give you countless tips on creating a wonderful, spiritual, inspirational space in your home, garden or office space. There are some important things to consider when creating this space for yourself, but here is no one perfect way – just the perfect way for you. I have been creating sacred space for myself and helping others to do this for over 30 years.

DATE:    Saturday July 20, 2024
TIME:     10:00am- 12:00pm PST (11:00 MST, 12:00 CST, 1:00 EST)
COST:    $25
VENUE:   Online/Zoom/Virtual (Live not recorded)