Septarian Nodule #2
Septarian Nodule #2
Septarian Nodule #2

Septarian Nodule #2

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"Earthy and grounding septarian nodule, also known as dragonstone, is calming of emotion, opens the connection to Mother Earth (along with her nurturing qualities) brings courage, healing, protection, enhances the holder/wearer's communication skills and more. Though similar, no two septarian nodules are exactly the same. This piece is approximately 1.5" across and weighs approximately .8 oz.

Septarian nodules originate from the Cretaceous period and formed anywhere between 50 to 70 million years ago! That means that they came about around the same time the dinosaurs become extinct.  Septarian nodules—or as they are technically named “concretions”—are the result of volcanic activity when mud and organic matter are trapped to be sealed by pressure and desiccation (intense drying) in a cemented state, hence the use of the derivative of “concrete.".  


***Please note that sizes are approximate and because each gemstone is unique in          color and constitution, there may slight variations and there may be 
natural inclusions in the stones.  This is normal and natural.  Also be aware that we 
cannot account for differences in color based on each computer monitor, cell phone screen, etc. Your purchase is for a single rose quartz heart - other items in the photo are for purposes of décor/display only ♥

You are purchasing 1 septarian nodule only. Any other items in photos are for display or decor only ♥