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Five-Pack of white selenite wands. They are approximately 4" in length. Each of the five wands will look different as no two are alike. Sizes are approximate. These are great for cleansing your energy. Wave it around you as you would with a sage stick to cleanse your energy and aura.
Close-up view of one of the selenite wands (that comes in the pack of 5).

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Selenite Wands/5 Pack

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This is a 5 pack of selenite wands - use them all or share with friends and family! Selenite wands make a wonderful little gift to share and I will tell you why. First of all selenite has wonderful qualities: Selenite promotes clarity of mind, opens the crown chakra, helps to access angelic energies and guidance from the higher realms. It brings peace and is a great stone to use while meditating or connecting spiritually. Physically, per Judy Hall, selenite "aligns the spinal column and promotes flexibility." Secondly, Selenite is a great cleanser of energy and aura. You can use a wand as you would a sage stick for cleansing. Just wave it in the air around your head and body after a long day (or a short one ;) to cleanse any energy you may have picked up throughout your day. You can also wave it around a room or leave it at your front door and it will help to cleanse your home. Keep a wand handy by your door or in your bedroom or office. And, thirdly, who wouldn't want a wand, right?  The size of each wand is approximately 4" in length.

Best to be super careful with selenite - it is water soluble, so don't rinse or wash it in water. Cleanse with brown rice, a soft cloth or a VERY soft brush. And, please handle it gently, especially in this form, as is fragile and can flake off too.  

Please Note: Selenite is natural crystal and comes in different sizes and thicknesses. No two wands will look the same and sizes are approximate.