Selenite Bowl Flower Shaped #3
Selenite Bowl Flower Shaped #3
Selenite Bowl Flower Shaped #3

Selenite Bowl Flower Shaped #3

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If you look closely, you can see the little sparkles in this beautifully carved selenite bowl. It can be used for cleansing and charging your crystals and jewelry because it dispels negative and unwanted energies. Selenite also promotes clarity of mind, opens the crown chakra, helps to access angelic energies and guidance from the higher realms. It brings peace and is a great stone to use while meditating or connecting spiritually and more.  Your selenite bowl will typically be a translucent milky white color. The bowl approximately 4"x4" and weighs approximately  9.2 oz. The photos show an actual sample of one of the bowls, and each one will very look alike, but not exactly the same. 

For more info about selenite and other crystals and gemstones, check out my book section for Judy Hall's "The Crystal Bible" and "Crystal Healing" books. She is an expert and I have all of her crystal books on hand because they are amazing!

 ***Please note that sizes are approximate and because each gemstone is unique in    color and constitution, there may slight variations and there may be 
natural inclusions in the stones.  This is normal and natural.  Also be aware that we 
cannot account for differences in color based on each computer monitor.♥

****Your purchase includes one selenite bowl only. Any other items or objects in photos are for décor/display only.