Power Bracelet Amethyst/Chakra
Power Bracelet Amethyst/Chakra
Power Bracelet Amethyst/Chakra

Power Bracelet Amethyst/Chakra

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This pretty gemstone power bracelet consists of 8mm amethyst gemstone beads accented with an additional 7 chakra beads. It is embellished by small brass colored accent beads.  Amethystone of the most spiritual gemstones, heals, cleanses & calms, allowing you to reach meditative & higher consciousness levels more easily. It also helps to dispel negative emotional states. For more information on amethyst and other crystals and gemstones, see our book section for Judy Hall's Crystal Bible series - they are amazing! 

red =  root chakra
orange = sacral (or navel) chakra
yellow = Solar Plexus chakra
green = heart chakra
Light blue = throat chakra
Dark blue = Third eye chakra
Purple = Crown Chakra

***Please note Because each gemstone is unique in color and constitution, there may slight variations and there may be natural inclusions in the stones.  This is normal and natural.  Also be aware that we cannot account for differences in color based on each computer monitor, phone screen, etc. The product includes the bracelet only, other items are for décor only ♥