Amethyst pendulum with silver-colored chain (not sterling), accented by 7 gemstone beads, 1 for each of the 7 major chakras. A satiny lined box is included that shows the colors and names of the chakras and also the name of each of the chakra beads.
Amethyst pendulum with silver-colored chain, accented by 7 chakra beads is shown displayed in its white satiny lined box, displaying the names of the 7 major chakras, the color of each and the name of each chakra bead on the pendulum chain.
Close-up view of the 7 chakra beads displayed on the silver-colored (not sterling) pendulum chain.
Close-up view of the amethyst stone at the end of the pendulum chain.


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Lovely amethyst pendulum accented with chakra gemstone beads. Pendulums are a divination tool that you can use to access information from your guides, angels or your higher Self.  Have fun with it! Amethystone of the most spiritual gemstones, heals, cleanses & calms, allowing you to reach meditative & higher consciousness levels more easily. It also helps to dispel negative emotional states. This pendulum comes to you in a box that displays the colors and names of each of the 7 major chakras and also tells you the name of each chakra accent bead on the pendulum chain (see photo). For information about use of the pendulum check our book Section for The Great Pendulum Book. Keep in mind though, there is more than one way to swing a
pendulum ;).  Also, check out our other pendulums - the orgonite pendulums and the very special pendulums from our Esprit Creations jewelry line - they are more pricey, but also beautifully crafted. 

For more information on these and other crystals and gemstones, check out our book section for Judy Hall's Crystal Bible series - they are amazing. Also check books for The Great Pendulum Book, a comprehensive guide on the use of the pendulum. 

***Please note that each gemstone is unique in color and constitution, there may slight variations and there may be natural inclusions in the stones This is normal and natural. Also be aware that we cannot account for differences in color based on each computer monitor, phone screen, etc.