The close-up view of the air-fairy Christmas ornament is handmade (fair trade) from 100% wool. She is light/fair skinned & wearing a light blue dress with white on the edge with a double row of tiny blue beads around the empire waist. She wears a two-toned blue flower in her yellow hair & has white wings with a bit of light yellow on them. She has bendable arms and no facial markings. Approximately 5"x2.5" & comes with a fair trade holiday "to/from" tag to use if giving as a gift.

Air, Fairy

Fairy Ornament/Air

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This sweet air-fairy Ornament wants to bring a little magic into your life. 
She is...
♥Fair Trade (artisans who create these ornaments are paid fair wages for their work).
Made from 100% natural hand-felted wool
Approximately 5"x2.5"
One of the 4 fairy "elements" Christmas Ornaments.  Buy one or collect them all. 
Comes with a detachable "fair trade" holiday "to/from" tag to use if you are giving      this as a gift.

***Please note:  These charming and beautiful ornaments are hand-crafted and not      mass produced or machine made, thus they may have slight variations and                      imperfections.